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Opiates Play Nice with Cannabidiol (CBD) - Partners for Pain Relief


Things are getting tough out there for anyone living with chronic pain

For so many, it was bad enough dealing with the long wait in the pain clinic, the judgmental looks from the ‘fresh out of school’ pharmacy tech and the down-to-the-wire prescription refill dates.  Now, countless people are being told by the government that you don’t really need the medication you rely on for relief. 

Something has got to give…  and for some who have found a compound called Cannabidiol (CBD), it seems like it finally has.  Randomized controlled trials have shown that CBD oil, can be an effective treatment for chronic neuropathic pain.  

Not only have there been many success stories of pain relief received from Full Spectrum, CBD-Rich Hemp Oil, people are also finding that the opiates they are currently on are becoming more effective.  Some studies have shown that cannabis improves the pain relief that opioids provide.  Administering opioids and cannabis together results in a greater-than-additive anti-pain effect, a synergistic reduction of pain, studies suggest.

Dealing with serious chronic pain is something that is very difficult to imagine if you have never been through it.  Most people have tried everything and will try anything just to get some relief - which is the reason for all the new laws.  

The good news, however, is that with daily consumption of CBD, it is possible to get some real relief from the pain and everything that comes with it.