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Cannabis, CBD and a New Look at Relapse Prevention


Helping addicts stay clean

High Times.

We are living in very interesting times. 

Not many years ago, billboards and TV ads were filled with warnings about the ‘dangers’ of marijuana being a gateway into a life of heavy drug abuse.   With images such as the frying of an egg being compared to our "brain on drugs" we were led to believe that a joint was the same as a crack pipe.

It is more than a bit ironic, therefore, to learn that recent studies are revealing that the once stigmatized pot plant is now being used in the treatment of addiction.  In particular, Cannabidiol (CBD), the major non-psychoactive constituent of Cannabis sativa actually assists in relapse prevention.  

In a recent case study, it was shown that after only 7-days of regular use, the behavior of animal subjects that were addicted to cocaine and/or alcohol was significantly changed. 

When before the animals would show signs of anxiety and dependency, after a brief CBD treatment, they were actually able to prevent relapse for 5 months!  

More Evidence.

In another animal study, the use of CBD had a measured effect on the stress and anxiety levels of their test subjects.  This, in turn, lowered the impulsivity and lead to fewer relapses.   

Considering the current opioid epidemic, which according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse claims the lives of more than 115 lives per day, this is more than welcome news.

As more and more uses for the over 60 different cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant are discovered, addiction medicine specialists may have a new reason to start getting excited.  

On the Road to Recovery with CBD

The Bottom Line

For all those suffering from the beast of addiction, CBD may hold a way to help you through on the road to recovery.

If only aiding in easing the massive stress and anxiety levels one faces when trying to 'stay clean' or deal with 'trigger' moments, then I would say this just might be a win for cannabis.